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TG 07-20-2017

Beware a scam phone call from 214-425-4704 stating they are a Dallas EMT. I just received a phone call from this number and he said that he had an older gentleman who was in a severe car accident and had sustained a broken leg and was unconscious. He said they were unable to identify the person but I was listed as an emergency contact. He was very rude and aggressive over the phone and refused to give me any information yet he was demanding information from me. I refused to tell him anything or give out any names and told him I would contact the hospital he was transporting the gentleman to and would talk to the hospital staff instead. When I inquired what hospital they were going to, he became very aggressive over the phone and then hung up. Needless to say, when I google searched the phone number, it turns out it was a scam. Also, previous victims have been told they needed credit card numbers and other various information such as socials and date of births. Just be wary of this type of phone call and refuse to give out information over the phone.

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