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Rob 08-03-2017

Sunset International -
THEY WILL CALL TWICE If you dont pick up.
Inviting me to an OPEN HOUSE. And giving me a trip for 2 to Las Vegas or anywhere else. I was suspicious when i didn't recognize the number but they called twice right away. Made me think I knew the person.

So I repeated back their name and said that I had attended an Open House 2 months ago. I also told them that I had never received my prize. She asked If I was sure it was the same company. I repeated back the company SUNSET INTERNATIONAL. I told them that was it, can you look up in the database to get my name. She said YES, pleas give me your name so I can look it up. I asked how she called me if she didn't know my name already?

That was the call and hopefully you see this before you answer the call the second time. OR maybe you can use the same story. LOL Confuse the poor call center.

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