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Obama robocall survey

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  • Isn't it illegal to robocall anonymously? Got calls from 2028005534. It's a "poll" but hangs up w/o ID. Call back no ID. @binker @adamsotak
  • #robocall survey with #202-800-5534 has woken me up 5x in 2 hours. Now i cant sleep. #makeitstop #election2012 #politics
  • why am i being polled right now? the number that called me was 202-800-5534, only asked about POTUS race
  • I just received two automated surveys from the same number. Either confirming my answers or a poorly organized poll. 202-800-5534
  • What has two thumbs and loves screening calls? *this gal* (Robo-call poll from 202-800-5534)
  • Dear (202)800-5534 stop calling me. You are irritating, and making me rage filled.
  • PRESIDENTIAL POLL 202-800-5534 Get heard before tomorrow!!!
  • @lmcnelly number was 202-800-5534 (DC number)...didn't give name of organization - i'm trying a reverse phone lookup
  • Politicians distort, so today when Washington called 202-800-5534 to find out my vote, i paid them back. Wicked.
  • Just robo-polled on my cell from a Washington, D.C. number (202-800-5534). First time polled all year for Pres Elec. Unsure if MI or Nat'l.
  • Wife just got robo surveyed from 202-800-5534
  • Just got a call from a DC based (?) (202-800-5534) polling agency seeking info on PA voters.