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Twitter 05-19-2013 01:20 AM EDT 03-05-2012 05:53 PM EST 43
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  • Daily Comments 336-393-1111
  • Cummulative Comments 336-393-1111
  • Distribution By Day 336-393-1111
  • Comment Share 336-393-1111

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  • @thekevmasta general Customer Service collect, dial the access code for the country you are in +336-393-1111. You can then ask to be
  • @rodrigomez18 Call us collect @ 336-393-1111. Thx for tweeting and enjoy your day! ^Lisa
  • @robweissmsw your in plus 336-393-1111. Hope everything works out! Have a nice day. ^Courtney
  • @JuleenGreeff Hi Juleen. You may contact us by calling our international collect phone number, which is +336-393-1111. You will need to
  • @DenisseMendozaM Hi Denisse. You may contact us by calling +336-393-1111; you will need to enter the access code for the country
  • @despicable_fee Hi Alexis, thanks for tweeting! you can call us collect using this number 336-393-1111. Pls enter the country in which your
  • @tammyleclerc call us collect from a payphone at: 336-393-1111 ^Beth
  • RT @AskAmex: @tammyleclerc call us collect from a payphone at: 336-393-1111 ^Beth
  • @kalamafc You can call us collect at 3363931111. ^R
  • @stevecherry Hey there and sorry to hear that. Have you tried 3363931111? Can I help with something? ^Rachel
  • @sommerstrand Hi there! My apologies I don't think we answered you. We can be reached collect at 3363931111. LMK if any other q's. -Rachel
  • @kathyleb Hi Katherine, how are you? regrets we cant take a payment through this channel. However you can call us collect@ 336-393-1111 to
  • @heyyfarren Hi. Sorry to hear that! We actually need to speak with you directly to verify charges. Pls call us collect @ 336-393-1111-Nikole
  • @noahprestwood Hi Noah, we can try. Can you call collect 336-393-1111? 000814-5503211 should also work in Brazil. If not let me know. ^Mike
  • @bodduboina There's also a collect # on the back as well: 336-393-1111. Your cancellation request cannot be done via email. -Aly
  • @danahong Ahh, yes. That would be why. Call the collect #: 336-393-1111 for our Customer Service Team & ask to be transferred there. -Aly
  • @srmorris Hi there! You can call the international collect #: 336-393-1111. - Aly
  • @2grls1euroxmas Should be possible to either rush ship to you or have you pickup. To discuss options pls call us collect 336-393-1111. ^Mike
  • @val_eu_raa Oh no Antonio! You can reach us collect worldwide 336-393-1111 or toll free in Mexico 95-800-333-3211 - Any problems lmk. ^Mike
  • @inesechea Morning Ines. The collect number is 336-393-1111. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Rachel
  • @duqueflorez Hi Alejandro - Are you trying to call us? You can call us collect: 336-393-1111. - Aly
  • @baldovinux Are you able to make a collect call? If yes, please call us at : 336-393-1111.
  • @skyegoddess64 You can call us collect at: 336-393-1111 and we will xfer you to the Acct Security Group.
  • @redbilingue Hi Monica, pls call customer srvc @ 336-393-1111 to request ur card replacement - T
  • @yongjuneChun Yes, I understand. We can look into it for you, but we would need to speak to you directly. Pls contact us at +336-393-1111 -O