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Twitter 06-03-2013 07:50 PM EDT 06-13-2012 04:53 PM EDT 16
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All-time Rank: 928 Down
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  • Daily Comments 404-773-1945
  • Cummulative Comments 404-773-1945
  • Distribution By Day 404-773-1945
  • Comment Share 404-773-1945

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  • @cris_crozz If they didn't post, you can fax the boarding passes & receipt to SkyMiles Support at 404 773 1945. *WG
  • @ttiana Fax a copy of your marriage certificate to 404-773-1945. I have the address if you want to mail it.
  • @ttiana Fax a copy of your marriage certificate along with skymiles acct # to 404-773-1945. I have the address if you want to mail it.
  • @ttiana ...certificate, or divorce certificate) be provided to Delta. You can fax these documents to General Members:404-773-1945... 2/5
  • @CarrieWChildren ...Center at 404-773-1945. *CS 2/2
  • @rwilmoth ...the change is processed. You can fax this info to: General Members:404-773-1945, or Medallion Members: 404-715-9220.... 3/5
  • @vda_5 Sure. The fax number is 404 773 1945. *CB
  • @akhilravidas You can also fax the info to SkyMiles, at 404 773 1945. You'll need a copy of the receipt & boarding passes. *WG
  • @kthrog Unfortunately you would still need to submit your legal papers to the SM account department. Pls fax info to 404-773-1945.^EC
  • @snelson2127 For this, you'd have to fax in the request to404 773 1945because the first names don't match between the ticket & account^WG
  • @angie_rae Unfortunately there isn't. You'd need to fax a copy of the change to our SkyMiles Service Center (Fax #404 7731945).^KT
  • @princeaddisu Please fax SkyMiles number, proper name and copy of government issued identification to 404-773-1945 for assistance.^BH
  • @HughHipsDontLieThat's a good thing. Please fax SkyMiles number and boarding passes to 404-773-1945 to request mileage request.^BH
  • @ATLGal81 It cannot be done online. You'll need to fax or mail a copy of your marriage certificate in. The fax number is 404 773 1945.^CB
  • @BillyEnghouse To take care of that, fax a letter with your # & a copy of an official document with the right name on it to 404 773 1945^WG
  • @FleurTerryUnfortunately SM doesn't offer an email. You can fax your issues to 404-773-1945 or pls call 800-221-1212 for help.^EC