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  • @nasha094 -Trying contacting him at 416.979.5000, ext.4916. ^PZ
  • @lenojaar They don't have specific hours, but if you'd like to see someone in that dept., call main inquiries at 416-979-5000 ext. 6948.
  • @melindista please email us at: info or call us at 416-979-5000 x7085
  • @theinkyfootnote If you are still having issues speak with the ccs help desk at: 416 979 5000 ext. 6840
  • @jerome15174424 You may want to check w/the 1st Year Engineering Office and ask if they have anything like that. 416-979-5000 ext. 4502 ^BE
  • @eman320-Please contact Computing & Communications Services at or at 416.979.5000, ext. 6840.^PZ
  • @kslimming -Please contact the Transfer Credit department at 416.979.5000, ext. 2650.^PZ
  • @omarelbass -Please contact your program department at 416.979.5000, ext. 4502.^PZ
  • @amoakococo That's odd. Try contacting the engineering first year office at 416-979-5000 x.4502
  • @_cassidyma -Please check with your program department at 416.979.5000, ext. 4594. ^PZ
  • @hjhalaf -You may check with the Transfer Credit Department at 416.979.5000, ext. 2650. ^PZ
  • @paiithaa -Yes, it is required for all first-year Engineering students.You can check with your departmt at 416.979.5000,ext. 4261. ^PZ
  • @pnixmorpheus You'd have to contact the International Student Services at 416-979-5000 ext. 6655.
  • @pnixmorpheus -Please contact the Admissions Officer at 416.979.5000, ext. 6006. ^PZ
  • @KlaudiaTrzaska Otherwise, try Richard Perras, Student Affairs Coordinator, at 416-979-5000 x.7972
  • @margiebrighton You can always give them a call to confirm 4169795000 ext. 5107 ^SR