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AMEX platinum

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  • Daily Comments 800-297-2977
  • Cummulative Comments 800-297-2977
  • Distribution By Day 800-297-2977
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  • @andrewmackenzie Hi there, great question! Pls reach out to the travel team @ 8002972977. They will be more than happy to help.^Floyd
  • @andrewmackenzie Hi, Pls contact the travel team @ 8002972977, to see if they can help.^fd
  • @pandya60 Amex Online Travel Team at 800-297-2977 would be glad to help. Thx for tweeting & safe travels! ^Olivia
  • @antonycourtney you continue to experience this issue, our Online Travel Team would be glad to help w/troubleshooting at 800-297-2977.
  • @genny_marie004 at 800-297-2977 for assistance. Let me know if you have any add'l Qs. Thanks for tweeting - Toni
  • @ubergroovy Hi Willie.I'm sorry u are having difficulty w/the site.Our Online Travel Team at: 800-297-2977,24/7 can assist u w/your
  • @alevin74 Good morning Adam. Yes, they can help you book a car rental, cruise, hotel... 800-297-2977. ^Courtney
  • @marcelalala Hi, please contact the travel department @800-297-2977 24 hours a day / 7 days a week . I am sure they can provide some options
  • RT @AskAmex: @marcelalala Hi, please contact the travel department @800-297-2977 24 hours a day / 7 days a week . I am sure they can provide some options
  • @krazymarys Hi, you will need to contact our travel department in order to get assistance @ 800-297-2977 24 / 7 ~Lisa
  • @TH_StudioM Have you spoken to our online travel dept @ 800-297-2977. ^Dre
  • @bpofcher Travel Group directly by calling: 800-297-2977, 24/7. -Beth
  • @leapcastle Hi, I was able to navigate thru w/out issues. Try using a diff browser or call online trvl @ 800-297-2977 for assist - Toni
  • @elrets Hi Carlos, please contact amex travel @ 800-297-2977 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. They will be more than happy to help.
  • @jepoole Hi, don't access to any of that information. Please contact our travel team or 800-297-2977 24/7. ~L
  • @rosenblatlaw Hi Mike, pls call our Online Travel Dept @ 800-297-2977 for assistance - Toni
  • @marc2912dotcom Hi Marc, that's a great question. I would suggest reaching out to one of our travel specialist @ 8002972977.^fd
  • @1kreativegenius I see. Not sure why you'd be receiving that error. I'd call Amex Travel to see what could be up: 800-297-2977. - Aly
  • @Matt_waters, Matt, whoever booked your travel will need to call Amex Travel at 800-297-2977 to see what they can do. ^C
  • @guardgrl2006 @AskAmex Hey there - You can reach out to Amex Travel at 1-800-297-2977 and they can help you with choosing a package. AT
  • @kziel I would definitely speak to them: 800-297-2977. Maybe they can find something with similar pricing for you. - Aly
  • @djbobbydrake Good morning Chhay. Sorry to hear you're stranded. Perhaps Amex Travel can assist, 800-297-2977. ^Courtney
  • @how2scuba Morning Pete, hope all is well. We're unable to here, but Amex Travel can help at 800-297-2977 ^Mike
  • @alt_jk Hi, hope you're safe, have you tried contacting our travel dept @ 800-297-2977 or ^Dre
  • @kelsey_dunning Hey Kelsey, not good - says most flights canceled thru tomorrow. Pls call Amex Tvl 800-297-2977 ^Mike