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  • @dave_marcus Whoops! You would need that - you can call, 800-528-4800. -A
  • @AB1004 please call 800-528-4800 and press 0 to speak with a representative. We can search by your name and SS#. Thanks. ^C
  • @rosenfeldmike immediately. You also have the option to call us 24/7 at 800-528-4800. Enjoy your Saturday! ^O
  • @Steadinan You can replaced the card online @ or by calling our general customer service number 800-528-4800. ^An
  • @dc4theboyz 8005284800. We look forward to speaking with you. Any other questions let me know. Enjoy your day! ^Rachel
  • @dcador Hi there! My apologies for any frustration. You can call 800-528-4800 to reach customer service. Again, sorry for the troubles.
  • @theungunga Good Afternoon Matt. Are you looking for your current balance? You can call 8005284800 or email us directly. Let us know
  • @KrysMcFly Oh no! Have you been in touch with customer service? @askamex or 1-800-528-4800 ATM
  • @youssef2lfar3on Good morning.Sorry for the inconvenience.Please call 800-528-4800 so we can send you a replacement.Have a nice day^Courtney
  • @smsfoodblog customer service #: 800-528-4800. You should reach us right away. Let us know if you can or can't get through! -Alyce
  • @smartsucks___ toll free number on the back of the eligible Card, without the one and the dashes (example 8005284800) Have a good one^Lisa
  • @lisasam88 option to contact us at 800-528-4800 or send me an email via including your Twitter handle and I
  • @jhicks03 Hi Jordan. We'd be happy to verify for you. Please call 800-528-4800, press 0. We can search by name or
  • @magrillmaster Hi, please call CS @ 800-528-4800. They will be able to help. ^Andrae
  • @mkp131 Good morning! I would still contact customer service to confirm there's not a card open in your name 800-528-4800 ^Lisa
  • @amy_harwell Sorry to hear this Amy. Pls call customer service @ 800-528-4800 for assistance - Toni
  • @mslokaret Hi - please call us at: 800-528-4800. We need to pull up your account to view the agency. -Aly
  • @Batmancs3Chase If you need us to send you another card, please call us at: 800-528-4800. -Aly
  • @sunkysd Hello. You can reach Customer Service at 800-528-4800. ^Courtney
  • @mavit Hi, apologies for any inconvenience. Pls call customer service @ 800-528-4800 so they can assist - Toni
  • @mavit Hi Peter, apologies for any inconvenience. Pls call customer service @ 800-528-4800 for assistance - Toni
  • @scoobygngbnger Ok, please call our CS @ 800-528-4800. They will need some personal info from you to stop the solicitations. ^Dre
  • @kundrela Hi, Please call our CS @ 800-528-4800, and they will be able to assist you with sending a card to your new address. ^Dre
  • @evacolen Hi Eva, you can call customer service @ 800-528-4800 or request it through your online account - Toni
  • @evacolen Hi - you can report missing Card & get replacement by logging in online @ or call cust serv 1-800-528-4800 AT