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AMEX Merchant Services SVCS

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  • @ketija79 Hi. Thanks for your interest! Pls reach out to Merchant Services @ 800-528-5200, they will be happy to help! Thx for tweeting! ^N
  • @cheftony Hi Tony, good evening! regrets Merchant Service is closed on Sundays. They can be reach@ 800-528-5200 Mon - Fri 8 to 8 est
  • @etfdigest Hi Dave. Merchant Services, 800-528-5200, can provide you with the info. Have a nice day. ^Courtney
  • @2newlungs4me Hi Karen, good afternoon. Please reach out to merchant service @8005285200. They will be more than happy to help.^fd
  • @realestateguyct Hey there George. Our Merchant Services should be able to help you. They can be reached at: 800-528-5200. -Rachel
  • @anup_patel Did you speak to merchant services @ 800-528-5200, to see if they can help. ^Dre
  • @aswas Hi, sorry to hear this. Pls call merchant services @ 800-528-5200 avail 8AM - 8PM ET so they can look into this for you - Toni
  • @placeofevents Hi, please reach out to merchant services @8005285200. They are open 8am to 8pm Mon to Fri.^fd
  • @adrianwilcox Hi Adrian, sorry for the frustration. Have you spoken to Merchant Svcs 800-528-5200? They should be able to assist. ^Mike
  • @cmwalla Sorry just saw your tweet. The only number we have for Merchant Services is 8005285200; M-F 8am-8pm. -R
  • @hannahchunter HI there Hannah! I apologize for the inconvenience. Pls call Merchant Services 1-800-528-5200, say no, press 0# when it asks
  • @zhealthconcepts They r fees associated w/merchant a/c's. If u wld like to spk to someone in our Merchant Svcs Dept, pls call: 800-528-5200,
  • @cheesefatcanary Hello. Perhaps Merchant Services,8005285200, will be able to help. ^Courtney
  • @aaronjangel Hey there, Aaron. Not 100% sure, but our Merchant Services may be able to help; 8005285200; MF 8am8pm EST. Rachel
  • @ejpevents Hi there! Regrets, but we do not have details on merchant accounts. They can be contacted directly at 8005285200; MF 88 E.R
  • @dimmyj Hi there, James. Our Merchant Services should be able to help you. They can be reached at: 8005285200; MF 8am8pm EST. Rachel
  • @MyMelodie So you are a merchant? My apologies, but we do not have access to details, but Merchant Services should at 8005285200; 8am8pm E
  • @kchrist Sorry to hear that Kenn. Are you a merchant? If so, Merchant Services should be able to help: 8005285200; MF 8am8pm EST. R