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scammer 10-07-2016

Had them talk me through their whole scam. THey had me go to event viewer in windows (in slow and accented English) to show that I had errors on my computer (actually meaningless things that are logged by your computer usually) and then tried to direct me to or whatever saying they could fix the problems. Didn't go to that site since I didn't want to risk the click so I said it wasn't working. They sent me to instead. They wanted me to hand them over my ID # for teamviewer, but the point is they use that to gain remote access to computer. Apparently online people have mentioned they use this to force you to pay them money to unlock your computer. I told them my number was 900-142 which I had found online as being one of their teamviewer #s, and the guy told me "go #@$% yourself you mother@#$%er go away". Apparently they don't like scammers.

Deb 10-06-2016

Received a call this morning. When I answered he said his name was David calling from Microsoft about my computer. I replied, "Oh I'm sure you are. What's the real name of your company, David?" He replied, "Oh sure I am, you f*cking b*tch." and hung up. JERK!

mom 10-06-2016

Scammers - can't speak english - saying computer has a virus - called them scammers and they told me to shut up!!

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