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ACT Healthcare Texas zombie

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spot on 05-18-2018

Nurses and caregivers do this all the time, it’s called boundary violations and is subject to license revocation.

Spot On 02-23-2018

This is your healthcare in the age of money only matters. Obscene gouging with no end in sight without breaking so much as a sweat. The medical leeches only know how to deal toxic chemical death.This nurse maura burgard was only concerned with what she could steal from us.This is not healthcare this is a greedy whore stealing from the sick and dying 254-848-9572 maura burgard criminal healthcare whore.

Healthcare Crime 05-14-2017

This number 254 848-9572 belongs to a thieving nurse named maura burgard. This nurse stole money and medicine from my family when we were dealing with the death of a loved one.She is a greedy cold hearted healthcare drone that has a very cold and selfish heart. The health care/health insurance issue is a major driver in the economic breakdown of our country. While the bail-out of the too big to fail banks affected us in a most negative way, it is in fact the health care fiasco that is driving us to ruin. Too many greedy healthcare criminals like maura and steven burgard waco texas.Maura Burgard Nurse Caught Stealing From Patients.

Healthcare Decline 05-31-2016

254-848-9572 a lying criminal nurse named maura burgard.

It's All Fun and Games till some cold hearted healthcare wh0re steals everything.

You turned out to a couple of criminals steven and muara burgard.

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