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nbase41 10-07-2016

I suggest you just schedule an appointment for your house at an address across your street, between two addresses. Watch the workman arrive and when they call asking where you are, tell them you asked to be removed from their call list, but their third-party caller won't take the time, just moves to next call. So this is how you get their attention = waste their time/money/people.

I prefer to confront them eyeball-to-eyeball and get their business card as a record and they'll I know who they are then...
Tell them also, that they use unethical sales staff or companies, who use dishonorable methods...
Otherwise you will never know who hires these scum. Many of the calls benefit a few Israelis who pool the "lends" for home improvement jobs/bids and skim a high % of the first price quoted on work.

These national boiler rooms are large donators to local politicians, and operate with virtual impunity.
Isn't it time to enforce R.I.C.O. laws on these vermin?

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