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Betty 10-20-2016

Here is transcript of my visual voice mail... SCAM!!!!

Date : Oct 20 2016 03:26:57 PM
From : Los Angeles CA (13108827707)

"Higher interval international resort. You were selected to receive an extremely discounted vacation at a 75% savings sounds(?) great right. Your amazing vacation I wait for you for four days and three nights in magical Orlando Florida right in the Harden Disney and all the theme parks. You will also receive three days and two nights in Sunny South Florida. Where you will then to park on the fabulous two night cruise to the Bahamas. And I know what you're thinking you're gonna need a card to get your round right. Don't worry we have you covered. We are going to include an unlimited mileage rental car. You can visit all the attractions and get you to South Florida and your cruise. Now keep in mind this is only offered to select VIP gas. And you have been selected. This promotion is yours today at a 75% discount. Yes you heard correctly 75."
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