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Fed Up 03-24-2017

This # 312-610-1918 is a scam-marketing fraud call. Guilty parties: 1.The person calling. 2.The telemarketing company they work for. 3.The company that sold your number to them. 4.All the phone companies (service carriers). 5.The Federal Government (FCC, FTC, & DOJ). 6.State governments.

ALL of these scam-marketing-fraud-fake-crap calls CAN be stopped IMMEDIATELY to all land-lines and especially all cell phones.

ALL of these illegal, time-consuming and irritating intrusions into our already busy and stressed lives would be eliminated immediately if ANY of the aforementioned entities had the honor, integrity, and desire to simply do the right thing - and especially adhere to and enforce the job our votes and tax dollars have already paid for!

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