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Central Office: LSAN DA 05, CA - PACIFIC BELL


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J 06-13-2016

Over the past few weeks i have received multiple calls form this number saying it was the IRS and to call back immediately or action would be taken. After trying repeatedly I was finely able to speak with a person. He sounded of Mid-Esatern descent by the accent. He told me that I owed over $7,000 in back taxes and he needed a credit or debit card number to pay for them. I knew it was a scam because I my taxes done by a professional every year. I asked him to remove my number from their call list and that I knew they were scamming me. At this point he had become hostile. I asked repeatedly for my number to be removed, then he started talking crazy stuff like how he wanted to F my and F my daughter. After arguing for a couple of minuets he finely hung up on me.

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