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Marcus Boyd Cincinnati 09-23-2016

Dis mutha f'er claims to be from da IRS. F them!

J 09-23-2016

This number is a scam. They have called me before, saying I have a virus on my computer. When I said I have a mac and it works fine, they began screaming at me that I have a virus. I hung up and blocked the number. Now this morning, they called and said they were an officer from the IRS and that I had a lawsuit filed against me. When I asked who was suing me and why, they kept repeating "You need to confirm your personal information." I said "I'm not giving you any personal information until you tell me who is suing me and WHY." They then began screaming that I need to confirm my personal information. I said "I think you're getting very agitated for someone who allegedly works for the IRS, why can't you give me the simple information of this case? I have a right to know who and why I am being sued." I was hung up on.

These people are FAKE. I'm sure they target the elderly and people who don't know how the IRS actually works and convince them to set up fake monthly payments for a fake lawsuit. Disgusting. That's not how lawsuits work and that's not how the IRS works.

IF the IRS was ACTUALLY pursuing a case against you, it would be called an AUDIT, not a lawsuit. The IRS would contact you by MAIL, never by phone. They would also never scream at you to provide personal information and refuse to provide the details of your Audit Case, as they are professionals and you have a right to that information.

NEVER give away your personal information over the phone. Your bank, the IRS, your credit card company... if any of these places have an issue with you, they will contact you by mail or via OFFICIAL email and they will NEVER ask you for personal information (since they would already have it on file).

Block these creeps! I hope one day they accidentally call a lawyer who knows how to get them shut down. What they do is disgusting.

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