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JRL 09-15-2016

I got a call from this number today 9/15/2016 also, 360-322-4946, listed as a Marysville, WA number. They left a voicemail saying they were the IRS and that I had "a non billable arrest warrant under my name so before we move forward with the lawsuit in the legal allegation contact us." Just for fun I called back and had a 10 minute conversation with a woman who had maybe an Indian or Bengali or Pakistani accent (sorry, it sounded like that and I can't tell which). I gave no identifying information other than she may have had caller ID to see my number. I told her it is a new number and the IRS does not have it affiliated with my name. Somehow she was able to give me a case number and when I told her that their number was listed online as a scam she asked me to tell her the number! I said its your call back number, you should have it. She said As a friend can't you tell me what it is? That was one of many unprofessional phrases she used in that conversation, that a true IRS worker would never have used. Another was when she said she was surprised that I thought an IRS call would come only from DC or the state in which I live. I told her I'd never lived in or done business in WA and she had no response for that. When I asked for her IRS ID number she gave me IRM272something, I say something because she made it garbled so I couldn't hear the end. I asked for her to repeat it six times and none of those times could I hear it. I could go on but this is clearly CLEARLY a scam. Please tell your friends, relatives, parents, especially those without Internet access about this so they don't get hurt by this scam.

Deb 09-14-2016

Phoned at 5 p.m. 09/14/2016. A voicemail was left that was garbled at the beginning and then said that they have an arrest warrant for me and I should call them immediately to settle this matter. I have them blocked. Is this not harassment?

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