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IC Systems

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LLB 04-03-2017

I just got a disturbing call that seemed like phishing. It came in on my cell ph#

Caller ID number was 404-793-1306 but those can be faked and I did not try to call it back (yet).

The woman asked to speak with Ben, my husband's name. I said I was his wife. She asked if we lived, or ever had lived, at (our current address number)‚Äč. I said I was not answering questions like that when she did not even identify herself or who she was with so I could call back the real company to verify.

She said she was with "IC Systems, but if you don't want to answer then that's ok, have a nice day" and she hung up without letting me respond, "Who is IC Systems, do we have a relationship with them, I will call them to verify any required info."

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