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Sofia 09-03-2016

Thanks for posting this, I got a call too and they were very hard to understand and it was to my cell phone. I thought it was strange and hung up and will not answer if they call again.

Mark 09-03-2016

Claims to be the IRS. Answers phone instantly. Lots of background chatter in foreign language. Tries to get information from us and tells us the IRS has a claim against us for filing incorrect tax documents. Accent very hard to understand and was argumentive with both my wife and myself. Fished for information but we would not give it since they were the ones calling us. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, he said he was the supervisor. When I asked for someone who was born in America that speak English as their native language, he said everyone is born American and speaks English. I said I can't understand you very well, do you have anyone I can speak with who speaks better English than him. He said something and hung up. I called back. I said there was something very fishy about them claiming to be the IRS. Where are you located? He said America, where are you located. I said you called me so you know that already since you have an IRS claim against me. I said I think there is something wrong here and you aren't really the IRS. He hung up.

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