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Gus S 09-09-2016

Illegal car dealer selling out of house at 24330 Victory Boulevard, Woodland Hill, CA. He keeps his cars in fenced in backyard driveway accessed via alley behind Chevron gas station at intersection of Victory Boulevard and Valley Circle Boulevard. House has fortune telling sign hanging in front. This is known as CURBSTONING, meaning he is selling at the curbstone someone else's car (which makes him a dealer), but without a license (which makes him an UNLICENSED, ILLEGAL dealer). He parks his old cars (1990's, early 2000's model years, with prices between $1200 and $7000) on both streets at that intersection, with for sale signs in the window, hand printed on neon green signboard. If you buy a car like this, you will have NO recourse when something goes wrong, and you will lose all your investment. I watch this because my own mother lost over $5000 to a crook like this, and we couldn't find the seller--not at all a surprise when you understand how these scammers work. Google search "curbstoner, curbstoning" to see how bad this is. Thank you.

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