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CM 11-25-2016

Kieth the thief...

This is a general warning to the VW and pinball community about an individual
whom has been posting fictitious pinball machines and VWs for sale. He then
posts slanderous warnings that his competition is fraudulent. Many
person have had their time and business interrupted by this incessant

Kieth R Duncan (aka SBC) is a cyber thug megalomaniac who peddles
pinball, video games, VWs, SF 49ers and UO Ducks football collectibles
on Facebook and other sites. He has no other purpose in life than to
spend 12-15 hours a day harassing strangers and families online.

Kieth has been stalking me every day for over 2 years. I have filed
over a dozen police reports. The first time I encountered him was when
I posted a wanted ad. Kieth threatened to burn down my house because I
was infringing on his turf. He then threatened to murder my mom, etc.

I have spoken to many people whom have been terrorized by this
individual. They tell me horror stories about how he posts their names
and phone numbers. What is scary is this man has a violent criminal
history and my investigator says he is a licensed foster parent.

Kieth tells numerous sob stories to con unsuspecting people out of
their goods for pennies on the dollar such as his wife Anna is dying
of lung cancer and on chemotherapy. When you investigate the facts you
will find out that his wife is a junkie and not being treated for

Kieth lives at 62O3 SE Hazel Avenue, Portland Oregon 97206. He is
always trying to lure people to his house with fake ads. When people
go there they are shocked to find out that Kieth is a raging pervert
as well. There is a big sign out front of his house warning people.

Kieth's posts can always be easily identified. He always types in ALL
CAPS and has terrible spelling. He is always raging about someone
else's wanted ads because he is very greedy and must have every deal
to himself. Kieth uses public computers to over post and spam.

Kieth claims to work for Portland Pinball repair and The Amusement
Doctor LLC although they say they have never heard of him. Keith has a
gutter mouth an his rants are tasteless and immature for a man in his
50's. He is grey haired and balding with many missing teeth.

Please do not entertain this plankton for your own sake. Whatever you
do; do not allow him to ascertain your personal information unless you
want it posted under local news and every other CL category with
blasphemous lies every day for the next two years. He is a real troll.

Kieth R Duncan SBC is the most insidious jackass to ever plague the
internet. You are strongly advised to avoid this criminal at all
costs. Flag his hypocritical rants about others phishing for personal
information. That is actually what he is doing with all his hate

Kieth has hijacked my mother Sally Luceros name. If you get an email
from Sally Lucero that is Kieth Duncan not my mom. My mom is almost 80
and does not use the internet. I also have a younger sister with
cerebral palsy. Kieth has been posting that she is a "retard".

Kieth has posted pictures of my house, mother and sister in a
wheelchair on hundreds of times. Kieth posted under the
wanted section of CL that he needed to buy a VW Bus to "haul his
retarded sister around" and pasted an image of my sister in his post.

Kieth has sent hundreds of people to our house for free firewood that
does not exist. Kieth has sent the police and DCS to my home with fake
reports. Kieth Duncan AKA "SBC" is the biggest white trash felony
flats jerk in the entire city. Do yourself a favor and avoid this

Thank you for reading and have a good day :)


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