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MyCallBot 01-30-2017 05:13 PM EST 01-30-2017 05:13 PM EST 1
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All-time Rank: 937 Unchanged
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  • Daily Comments 505-717-0838
  • Cummulative Comments 505-717-0838
  • Distribution By Day 505-717-0838
  • Comment Share 505-717-0838
Fed Up 01-30-2017

Man I don't know how many numbers these losers have but I know I can swear my automatic block has blocked over a 100 different numbers for sure LOL!!! These are scammers they scam what you expect from thieves!! Look I know we are here to help each other out but here's what I can tell anyone that will annoy the living daylights out these idiots. It's called Callblocker!! They don't like it and if you set it up on automatic hang up they definitely don't like that. With that being said laughing during the day I love cause I love to laugh at them idiots that get dial tones!! ROFL!!! Got to be a horrible life man LOL!!!

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