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IRS Microsoft robocall

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Bob 05-22-2016

Keeps calling and does not pick up or leave message...annoying

Western Mass 05-20-2016

Just got this call, too. Same thing: "East Brigdewater, MA" which is NOT even a REAL place. I picked up after the third ring and just listened; 'dead air' of a robocall. Anyone know WHAT scam this is? My best guess is another of the "Switch Electric Providers" (to 'save $' - but its a SCAM) OR "Buy Solar Panels Over the Phone, Sight/SITE UNseen UNmeasured & Unevaluated for solar from a COMPLETE FOREIGN STRANGER with your CREDIT CARD" ***SCAM***. But it could also be another "Free Cruise" or the IRS or Microsoft calling to 'fix' my computer! (Ironically, Our government-regulated, regular, 'establishment' ELECTRIC PROVIDER just announced a price DECREASE!)

We are getting FIVE or MORE of these calls daily; most havng been already blocked after the first attempt, but the phone still rings once, so it still annoying. Then, since they are not getting through on the 'old' numbers, they switch to a 'new' one like this and start all over HARASSING us.

Oh, and the 508 area code is ***NOT*** CAMBRIDGE, as so many sites say! Its the WORCESTER Area which is considered 'mid' state. Take it from a 40 yr Mass Resident!

And these are not 'telemarketers'; these are CRIMINALS.
Caller: "East Bridgew, MA"

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