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IRS Microsoft robocall

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The Snowman 07-14-2016

Caller (with a thick East Indian accent) identified himself as a Windows Technician. When I challenged him for his Microsoft certification number, He read a number off quickly. I asked him his name and he identified himself as Jeff. I asked if I could call him back and he gave me the number 509-588-1409. I did call back and someone (with a thick East Indian accent) answered and said they were with Microsoft in Redmond, Washington and some illegal activity had been traced to my computer. He said he would help me fix it but what he wanted me to do was go to a web site that would give him unrestricted access to my computer. When I asked for Jeff he demanded my name and when I told him they should know because they called me first, he hung up. I can't believe law enforcement can't track this scam down (the phone number is legit) and put these scammers out of business.

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