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Janet 05-14-2019

I keep getting calls from this number even thought I've pressed 2. Last time I answered a call like this years ago, they ended up putting me up at the top section of the list, then they charged me overtime someone clicked on my page. They did not advise me of this beforehand. I got an unexpected bill from them for $750.00!! Luckily, I was able to fight it and insist that they take me off that upper section. There is nothing wrong with my site, even though they try to tell me that something is missing. Just another pack of lies.

Nick 05-14-2019

Robocall "Don't hang up we've called numerous times to verify your business with Google Our records show that your business is not verified press one now so we can verify your business with Google if you're the business owner press one now if your account is not verified customers searching for your services on Google will not find your listing press one now to verify your listing Press 2 to be removed from this list."

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