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first love 09-29-2017

i’m hoping God could give me a cool hand that the family and another family would have a engaged family, one at 3066 e23rd ave vancouver bc v5r1b3 (girl) first floor family and one at 3245 e23rd ave vancouver bc v5r1b6 (boy) family would be a relative marriage for both family’s daughter and son. Hoping that the son and daughter would be friends at first. if things go smooth, marriage would arrive on them. they are in the age of marriage. its the time for the 2 to have a new start of their life . i wish them they have a happy story if things really go smooooooth on them. i;m also praying for God’s help that they would have a meet face to face with talking to each other in these months, oct, nov and before this year ends. Good luck on them, Thanks God

neighbourhood 08-19-2017

we are all hoping that a couple to be real in this year
they both live in same area for their living
3066 e23rd ave vancouver bc v51rb6 lower level
is engaged with
3245 e23rd ave vancouver bc v5r1b6 upper level

we are hoping things would be true. they are still strangers
and wish them to be friends in this year
get married next few years
got kids asap!!!!!!!!!!!!

first 05-04-2017

3066 23rd ave lower
engaged with
3245 23rd ave upper

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