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JE 07-06-2018

Beware Canada Drive's! I clicked a link on curious about financing and posted rates. I end up discovering they aren't an ordinary lender but a "program" matching a high interest loan to a pool of used vehicles. I informed the follow up representative that I was not interested in their programs or services. I thought that would be it, but no! They perform a hard credit check without my authorization to do so! Now they won't stop calling trying to get me to accept a $15 000.00 loan at a ridiculous APR (should be a violation of usery laws). Disgusting business model. Irresponsible lending that causes more problems for a person in a bad financial situation, and even more aggressive/persistent than the"foot in the door" salesman. I will be writing the credit bureaus to inform them that the credit check was not authorized and reporting the Canada Drive's tactics and harassment to BBB.
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