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MRS scam

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paco 03-09-2017

received the same message as described in other comments. i don't call anyone back that i haven't initiated the inquiry. knew this was a scam as soon as the woman's name was covered over by some garbled noise, plus she never stated the electric company she represented. all red flags. question everything!!

TC 03-08-2017

Received a voicemail stating they were contacting me about "supply charges that are on my electric account." They did not state which company they were calling from. Requested I call them back at 617-207-0928 as soon as possible to resolve. Provided a reference number "E as in Echo 009234" added that I needed to have a copy of my last statement available for the call.

SCAM 03-06-2017

Got the following voicemail, saw on another website saying people got the same voicemail, same reference number, but the caller IDs are different, I got the call from (888) 411-3218, but the other person got the number from (855) 205-0257.
"Hi this is Mrs. Parker. I'm calling in regards to the supply charges on your electric account. Be sure to give me a call back at 617-207-0928 and I had a copy of your statement with you to review and apply you reduced supply benefit. Your reference number is E as in Echo 009234. Thanks."

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