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HarleyB883 08-08-2017

Got the same call and when I called back they said that FP & L had given THEM MY information. Called FP&L and they said they'd never do that and it is a scam!

Grandma Patches 07-28-2017

"This is Mary Patterson following up a notice about tax credit incentives on your FPL bill. Please call me back at 727-601-0842 so that I can discuss this with you. Use the reference number 01014."

There was no credit incentive notice to follow up. I don't live in Tampa area. Some of the other reports were similar and it has been determined this is a SCAM.

candy cane 07-05-2017

Mary Patterson calling please call me back at 727-601-0842 use ref #01014. I would like to discuss Fla power & Lite Bills tax credits.

THIS IS A SCAM you call the number recorder mens voice says if you are homeowner dial 1 if you are apartment ..dial two . If you have reference no dial 3. you dial three and it asks same questions over. don't waste your time.

me 06-30-2017

This is Mary Patterson calling to discuss FPL Tax Credit incentives, please call me back at 727-601-0842 so that I can discuss this with you, reference number is 01014

This is a scam call

big m 06-28-2017

duke energy advises its a scam

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