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John 09-20-2016

The only way to combat these people is to WASTE THEIR TIME! The faster they can get non-gullible people (like you and me) to hang up the _more_ money they can scam from everyone else. Imagine if everyone who normally hangs up on them actually led them on and wasted an hour of their time. They would quickly go bankrupt!
I got a call from this number today (they claimed to be the IRS and that I had a warrant and owed $2,900) and I lead them down a rabbit trail for two and a half hours!! I let them believe that I was scared and ready to pay to not get arrested. I told them I had the $2,900 cash, that I was driving to Target, I gave them fake card numbers and everything (I gave them my "warrant number" as a transaction ID). It was fantastic. Literally 2:27:00 into the call they started to catch on. Even after they started calling me names I was able to keep them on the hook for another 8-10 minutes by pleading that they don't "arrest" me, and telling them I was eager to pay! It was fun and sort of like a little challenge. You might think this is a waste of YOUR time, but it doesn't have to be! Since you're just lying to them the entire time feel free to get on with your life. I got dressed, brushed my teeth, ate breakfast, dropped off stuff at the post office, helped set up a laser cutter and eventually went to work all while feeding these guys a giant load of crap that they totally swallowed!

Please answer their calls and please waste their time. It's the only thing that will surely make them stop!

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