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J 03-06-2017

This was a threatening call by a man referring to himself as "Private McDaniels." He used an extremely aggressive and intimidating tone. He claimed that he and the unknown have tried to find me in person on several occasions to sign private documents that are "attached to my name and social security number" which he failed to reveal. He further explained that I am now being found evasive and that I am avoiding being located. He went on to say that if I need to know more information about the documents to call 855-465-6815. He ended by saying "you have now been served." I find his phone call to be quite suspicious because this is the first phone call that I have received, I have not received any postal mail or email, I am unaware of anyone trying to reach me in person to sign any documents and he failed to identify a company name or his own contact information. I do not plan to respond. Instead, I I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). I suggest that everyone file a complaint to shut down and prosecute these SCUMBAGS.

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