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Mary Lou 04-06-2018

It’s a debt collector from a hospital. Apparently they work with numerous hospitals. They tried to collect a debt on my elderly mother. They sent the bill 2 years later, and stated that Medicare denied a claim. When I contacted Medicare on behalf of my mother I was told that the Hospital put in an incorrect billing code and that’s why the claim was denied. And the patient is not responsible for the bill but they will do whatever they possibly can to try to collect that debt. Make sure if it’s not resolved to contact Medicare or your insurance provider and DO NOT SEND THEM A DIME. I have them in violation right now because it clearly states on the statement that patient is not responsible for debt because provider made the made the mistake. I have read other comments, through the web and there are innocent people who are making payments to the hospital directly and this company is trying to re-collect the funding. It seems like it’s a spammer. Contact the attorneys general office for your state and report them. There are so many scammers out there these days that you have to be very very careful.

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Self Pay Billing
P.O. Box 2738 2nd Floor
Waterbury, CT, 06723

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