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Quick Brown Fox 10-31-2017

An unwanted call from this Beverly Hills cell number arrived today. When the answering machine picked up, there was boiler room noise in the background, followed by a disconnect. Complaints against this caller date to 2013, yet they still haven't gone to jail, but are still in "business."

Here is what poster Ed found out about this scam home improvement contractor: "Got the call so set up meeting. Shai Zamotsky (Project Mgr) showed. Card has cell #213-591-1077. Works for Target Home Design, 12439 Magnolia Blvd. #122, N. Hollywood, CA. PH: 888-399-0771 licence #973379 registered to Johanna Teresa Jimenez (RMO). These callers are also connected with Crown Home Center #760413, 1702 S ROBERTSON BLVD #408, LOS ANGELES, CA 90035, (310) 984-7647, (RMO) BENYAMIN HASSIDIM. Caller: Target Home Design Call Type: Telemarketer"

"The caller, CA. Construction ( displayed on our phone as ID. ) called us @9:51, A.M.. It had used different numbers from (714) & (310 ) called us before. According many people reported it started to use 714-463-6157 calling people displaying this number since 08/02/2014. Above people also reported it is Presidential Design Company, 323 South St. Andrews Place, Los Angeles. Their TRUE number is 888-466-3147."

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