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800 service ACT Bank Fraud Department Car Warranty
card services Chase Chase Bank Chase Card Services
Chase Credit Card Chase Fraud Department Citi Citi Bank
collection agency collections Credit Union Customer Care
Customer Service Department debt collection Dell eBay
Enterprise Healthcare Home Depot HRS
insurance JPMorgan Chase Microsoft NCO
NCO Financial Obama pharmacy robocall
Skype Spanish spoof Target
telemarketer Texas visa Walgreens

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  • "My first school? Hugh Jorgan Elementary." (Now that I know 800-355-5265 is a scam number, it's fun answering fake security questions.)
  • @4loriannpc My apologies; because of the amount, we'll need for you to contact our Debit Card Fraud Prevention Dept at 800-355-5265. ^TW
  • @thekeithmiles 1/2 Congratulations on your trip! Please contact a specialist in our Debit Card Fraud Department at 800-355-5265.
  • Chase Debit Card (1-800-355-5265) is repeatedly harassing me by attempting unauthorized calls to my cell-phone. @ChaseSupport
  • Chase Debit Card (1-800-355-5265) has just now harassed me a third time today, another unauthorized call to my cell-phone. @ChaseSupport
  • @katevhgibson 2/2 contact us directly to inquire about it & get advice. In this case you can call 800-355-5265 for details on the text. ^PG
  • @NewDrozza Our Fraud Prevention Team will need to speak with you directly. Please call 800-355-5265 and they can assist you further. ^EM
  • @DirtySoufYankee Protecting clients from fraud is a top priority. Please contact a Fraud Specialist for help at 800-355-5265. ^TW
  • @alex_1916 I understand. To see if the limit can be raised higher, you can call our Debit Card Fraud Prevention Team at 800-355-5265. ^PG
  • A scam recording called me from 1-800-355-5265. I googled the number and saw the scam reports.
  • FWD: Free Msg: CHASE Fraud: You confirmed the transaction for $20.91 at a specialty retail store on 11-05-2012. Call 800-355-5265 ASAP i ...
  • @quackingduck I can look into this for you. Could you follow and DM your full name and zip code? You may also call 1-800-355-5265. ^TW
  • Free Msg: CHASE fraud: We are calling you immediately on this possible fraud. Chase 800-355-5265.
  • @adampickering_ Sorry to hear that the voicemail didn't go through. You may reach our Fraud Prevention Department at 800-355-5265. ^TW
  • @andrewfutral 1/2 Happy birthday! We apologize for the inconvenience. Pls give our Debit Card Fraud Prevention Team a call at 800-355-5265.
  • @jacquesmayeux If we may be of assistance, pls reach out to us when we return tomorrow from 7AM-9PM ET. You may also call 800-355-5265. ^AL